Splenic flexure mobilization
EAES Academy, Andrew Renwick, 5257
Medial to lateral
EAES Academy, Jaap Bonjer, 5256
Lateral to medial
EAES Academy, George Ferzli, 5255
Management of intraoperative complications
EAES Academy, Roberto Santambrogio, 3679
Surgical Post-it devices (stick-unstick)
EAES Academy, Dimitra Dodou, 3685
Indications and contra-indications
EAES Academy, Tadeusz Wroblewski, 3675
Left hepatic resection
EAES Academy, Juan S Azagra, 3677
Right hepatic resection
EAES Academy, Claude Tayar, 3678
Hollow organ closure devices and techniques for NOTES
EAES Academy, Alberto Arezzo, 3682
NiTi devices for tissue approximation
EAES Academy, Leonid Lantsberg, 3684
Magnetic approximation
EAES Academy, Alfred Cuschieri, 3686
O188 - TISSUE DEFORMATION AFFECTS FORCE APPLICATION, J.J. van den Dobbelsteen, I. Boing, T. Horeman, J. Dankelman, The Netherlands
EAES Academy, John Van den Dobbelsteen, 3687
Drug delivery devices
EAES Academy, Alfred Cuschieri, 3690
Update on metabolic diseased treatments
EAES Academy, J. Vidal, 3691
Neuro modulation of GI functions
EAES Academy, Ronald Marvik, 3692
New tools for GERD treatments
EAES Academy, Beat Müller-Stich, 3693
Tips for parenchymal dissection and haemostasis
EAES Academy, B. Topal, 3676
How does it work?
EAES Academy, K. Albanopoulos, 3646
How I do it?
EAES Academy, N. Basso, 3647
Is it a primary procedure
EAES Academy, Ainitze Ibarzabal Olano, 3649
Technical aspects of an eventual secondary procedure
EAES Academy, Pavol Holeczy, 3650
Endocrine tumors
EAES Academy, Jean François Gigot, 3653
Management of Acute Pancreatitis
EAES Academy, Michael Raraty, 3655
Surgical options in chronic pancreatitis
EAES Academy, M. Schaefer, 3656
What benefit do we get from NOTES, SILS and SPA ?
EAES Academy, Karl-Hermann Fuchs, 3660
Experience in USA
EAES Academy, David Rattner, 3663
Experience in Latin-America
EAES Academy, Ricardo Zorron, 3664
EAES Academy, Javier Lopez Gutierrez, 3665
Laparoscopic treatment of perforated diverticulitis
EAES Academy, Roberto Bergamaschi, 3669
Colonic obstruction: to stent or not to stent and when to operate
EAES Academy, Carmen Balagué-Ponz, 3670
Traumatic abdomen: is laparoscopy useful?
EAES Academy, Thomas Mussack, 3671
Small bowel obstruction: new data for an old problem
EAES Academy, D. Dindo, 3672
Indications and contraindications
EAES Academy, Abe Fingerhut, 3607
Short and long term results of laparoscopical treatment
EAES Academy, Salvador Morales Conde, 3610
EAES Academy, M. Walgenbach, 3611
Transvaginal cholecystectomy
EAES Academy, Raffaele Pugliese, 3615
Transvaginal appendectomy
EAES Academy, J. Bernhardt, 3616
Transgastric cholecystectomy
EAES Academy, Ricardo Zorron, 3617
Hybrid colorectal resection
EAES Academy, A.M. Lacy, 3618
EAES Academy, M. Khaikin, 3620
Intersphincteric resection
EAES Academy, Eric Rullier, 3623
Laparoscopic approaches to difficult rectal cancer
EAES Academy, Timothy Alexander Rockall, 3624
Can laparoscopy decrease radial margin involvement in Anterior resection?
EAES Academy, Ferdinand Köckerling, 3625
Does laparoscopy improve autonomic functional results?.
EAES Academy, Roberto Bergamaschi, 3626
How to keep the learning curve out of RCT. s.
EAES Academy, Miguel A Cuesta, 3627
Appendix . F. CORCIONE
EAES Academy, Francesco Corcione, 3630
Pros and Cons: Cholecystectomy, Obesity
EAES Academy, Giovanni Dapri, 3632
Innovations in Surgery: Background, Aims and Methods
EAES Academy, Edmund A.M. Neugebauer, 3636
Differentiating between Innovation, Modification and 'Me-too'-Technique
EAES Academy, T. Welsch, 3637
Preclinical Assessment of Surgical Innovations
EAES Academy, Gerhard Buess, 3638
Use and Assessment of Surgical Innovations (Part 1)
EAES Academy, Leonid Lantsberg, 3639
Clinical Use and Assessment of Surgical Innovations (Part 2)
EAES Academy, Karl-Hermann Fuchs, 3640
Monitoring the Distribution of Innovations: Health Technology Assessment
EAES Academy, Edmund A.M. Neugebauer, 3641
Ethical aspects of Surgical Innovation
EAES Academy, Alfred Cuschieri, 3643
Endoluminal therapy for gastric lesions
EAES Academy, A. Carrasco, 2302
Emergency surgery for gastric/duodenal ulcer disease
EAES Academy, Johan Lange, 2300
Laparoscopic resections for gastric GIST tumors
EAES Academy, Peter Pazinka, 2298
Clinical results of laparoscopic gastrectomy for cancer
EAES Academy, G. Kitano, 2299
Laparoscopic gastrectomy for cancer, how I do it?
EAES Academy, G. Li, 2301
How to make laparoscopic emergency surgery cost-effective
EAES Academy, Agneta Montgomery, 2296
Proposal of the European RCT . surgery vs. medical treatment for diabetic patients
EAES Academy, Mario Morino, 2297
Future developments in metabolic surgery
EAES Academy, Michel Gagner, 2289
Re-using the disposable: for and against
EAES Academy, V. Grubnik, 2293
Early results of metabolic surgery
EAES Academy, C. Boza, 2292
Energy Sources: Is electro surgery sufficient?
EAES Academy, Nikolaos Alexakis, 2288
Which procedure to perform?
EAES Academy, F. Rubino, 2295
Surgical management of diabetes . the basic science perspective
EAES Academy, C. Le Roux, 2291
Methods of pedicle ligation: What is wrong with the suture?
EAES Academy, A. Nassar, 2294
EAES Academy, Anish Patel, 2277
Therapeutic algorithm for treatment of patients with symptomatic cholecystolithiasis and suspicion of CBD stones
EAES Academy, E. Stanowski, 2282
Management of early esophageal neoplasia
EAES Academy, L. Lundell, 2284
Laparoscopy in esophageal cancer
EAES Academy, Lee Swanstrom, 2279
Current role of intraoperative cholangiography in the presence of modern radiological methods
EAES Academy, Stefano Bona, 2285
Current role of ERCP in diagnosing and treatment of CBD lithiasis
EAES Academy, D.J. Gouma, 2280
The role of laparoscopy in Pancreatic cancer
EAES Academy, Björn Edwin, 2283
Current role of MRI
EAES Academy, Lennart Blomqvist, 2278
Ablative techniques for tumor destruction
EAES Academy, P. Hellman, 2286
Risk factors and their significance for diagnosis of CBD lithiasis
EAES Academy, J. Bednarczyk, 2281
Antireflux procedure, do we need it and which technique?
EAES Academy, T. Grantcharov, 2274
Short esophagus and large hiatal hernia: which technique?
EAES Academy, J. Hunter, 2276
Is there an optimal mesh?
EAES Academy, R. Pointner, 2272
Hiatal closure with vs. without mesh
EAES Academy, E.M. Targarona, 2273
Measurement of the hiatal defect, why bother?
EAES Academy, F.A. Granderath, 2275
Failed Biliary Pancreatic diversion
EAES Academy, Michel Gagner, 2267
Failed Gastric Bypass
EAES Academy, N. Basso, 2271
Failed Sleeve gastrectomy
EAES Academy, Jacques Himpens, 2270
Failed banding: When to propose an alternative and which procedure
EAES Academy, Karl Miller, 2269
EAES Academy, Miguel A Cuesta, 2265
Benign liver tumours
EAES Academy, Miroslav Milicevic, 2263
Adrenal incidentaloma
EAES Academy, Andrea Valeri, 2266
EAES Academy, Jean Mouiel, 2264
Achalasia and anti reflux surgery
EAES Academy, Paulina Salminen, 2261
EAES Academy, B.R. Klarenbeek, 2260
What are the pitfalls/difficulties in laparoscopic resection
EAES Academy, Timothy Alexander Rockall, 2255
Can primary laparoscopic drainage be enough?
EAES Academy, G. OSullivan, 2259
When is surgery indicated?
EAES Academy, Pascal Gervaz, 2257
EAES Academy, M. Inomata, 2242
Transvaginal laparoscopic single port operation
EAES Academy, Gerhard Buess, 2250
Is lap colorectal surgery cost effective?
EAES Academy, Ferdinand Köckerling, 2245
New endoscopic instruments in sight
EAES Academy, C. Thompson, 2247

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