Do we need sophisticated energy sources?
EAES Academy, Alberto Arezzo, 2248
The ethical issue - What should you keep in mind to start on a patient?
EAES Academy, Lee Swanstrom, 2251
Right hemicolectomy: which anastomoses?
EAES Academy, Pascal Gervaz, 2252
Has lap rectal surgery increased uro-genital dysfunctions?
EAES Academy, Eric Rullier, 2244
The current experimental status
EAES Academy, K. Thaler, 2254
Difficult ventral hernias (suprapubic, subcostal etc)
EAES Academy, S. Morales-Conde, 2231
Ventral hernias: how to fix the mesh
EAES Academy, X. Feliu, 2234
Parastomal hernias: is there an indication to laparoscopic repair
EAES Academy, Marek Szczepkowski, 2235
Recurrence of inguinal hernias after laparoscopic treatment
EAES Academy, A. Jansen, 2232
Laparoscopic management of large inguino - scrotal hernias
EAES Academy, George Ferzli, 2233
What to do with a postradiation R0 lesion
EAES Academy, Matthew Guy Tutton, 2229
EAES Academy, Emanuele Lezoche, 2227
Results of Local excision
EAES Academy, Gerhard Buess, 2228
Is neoadjuvant therapy mandatory?
EAES Academy, L. Pahlman, 2226
Portal vein thrombosis after LS: how big is the risk
EAES Academy, Amir Szold, 2225
What is the evidence in GI surgery?
EAES Academy, François Lacaine, 2341
LAFA study . concept and preliminary results
EAES Academy, Willem A Bemelman, 2221
Hand assisted laparoscopic
EAES Academy, Carmen Balagué-Ponz, 2224
Technical strategies in the management of
EAES Academy, K. Albanopoulos, 2223
Enhanced Recovery after Surgery
EAES Academy, François Lacaine, 2217
Is there a role for embolization?
EAES Academy, B. Kalin, 2222
The concept
EAES Academy, Linda Bardram, 2218
Splenectomy and malignancy: current indications
EAES Academy, Dave Mahon, 2219
Effect of laparoscopy on the outcome of peritonitis induced by colonic perforation in pigs
EAES Academy, A. Assalia, 1452
Laparoscopy for lower right quadrant pain
EAES Academy, Mario Morino, 1446
Peptic ulcer perforation
EAES Academy, Johan Lange, 1445
Peritonitis and laparoscopy: no longer a problem?
EAES Academy, Benoit Navez, 1443
Role of laparoscopic diagnosis in trauma: is it evolving?
EAES Academy, P. Vassiliu, 1442
Ideal timing for laparoscopic intervention (cholecystitis, sigmoid diverticulitis)
EAES Academy, G. Tzovaras, 1444
How to reduce the APR rate
EAES Academy, A. Jansen, 1441
The difficult cases: tips and tricks
EAES Academy, J. Leroy, 1440
TME: How to perform a safe anastomosis
EAES Academy, Lukas Krähenbühl, 1439
TME: the dissection rules
EAES Academy, E. Xynos, 1438
How to avoid and/or manage intraoperative complications in bariatric surgery (anonymous videos of intraoperative complications and their management)
EAES Academy, Mario Morino, 1437
Perioperative Management
EAES Academy, Amir Szold, 1472
Risk of PSVT/Long-term outcome
EAES Academy, K. Lechner, 1471
Hand-assisted Laparoscopic Splenectomy/Technical Aspects
EAES Academy, E.M. Targarona, 1470
Laparoscopic splenectomy in splenomegaly
EAES Academy, Michael Rhodes, 1469
Splenectomy for benign and malign disorders
EAES Academy, G. Decker, 1468
Choice of approach
EAES Academy, E. Leandros, 1467
History of splenectomy
EAES Academy, B. Delaitre, 1466
Scopes and Methods
EAES Academy, B. Habermalz, 1465
EAES Academy, Edmund A.M. Neugebauer, 1464
NOTES and NOSCAR: the current consept in the USA
EAES Academy, Lee Swanstrom, 1435
The concept of transluminal endoscopic surgery: reasonable or nonsense?
EAES Academy, A.M. Lacy, 1434
Instruments for hand assisted surgery and their effectiveness
EAES Academy, A. Pietrabissa, 1429
Hand-port devices and their effectiveness
EAES Academy, George Hanna, 1428
Cost Effectiveness of hand assisted procedures
EAES Academy, Willem A Bemelman, 1431
PRO: When is HALS helpful?
EAES Academy, M. M. Lirici, 1450
Camera driving systems, optimal features and evolution
EAES Academy, M. M. Lirici, 1449
Safety of electrical Instruments - The Netherlands study
EAES Academy, Dirk Meijer, 1425
Minimal requirements for cameras and display systems
EAES Academy, P. Hourlay, 1424
Lighting the operating field
EAES Academy, Enric Laporte, 1423
Glues: when and for what?
EAES Academy, C. Gutt, 1422
Alternatives to stapling in bowel anastomosis
EAES Academy, Amir Szold, 1421
Manual Manipulator; Radius Surgical System
EAES Academy, Noriyuki Inaki, 1463
Suturing instruments with 7 degrees of freedom Radius
EAES Academy, Gerhard Buess, 1451
How do I choose my needle holders?
EAES Academy, Marlies Schijven, 1417
Robotics: ideal for suturing?
EAES Academy, C. Gutt, 1418
LECTURE: NOTES: a true need for innovative instruments
EAES Academy, C. Feretis, 1416
Principles of atraumatic graspers
EAES Academy, Jenny Dankelman, 1413
Clipless lap procedures
EAES Academy, R.M. Perunovic, 1414
Simple and complex retraction systems for easier operations
EAES Academy, Alberto Arezzo, 1412
Tactile sensing in laparoscopic instruments. Is there a benefit and is the technical complexity justified?
EAES Academy, Marc O. Schurr, 1410
Reusable vs. Disposable: how safe is reusable?
EAES Academy, K. Roth, 1409
Limits of minimally invasive technologies in daily practice
EAES Academy, C. Grimbergen, 1408
Trocars: are they safe enough?
EAES Academy, Leonid Lantsberg, 1411
Welcome from the Congress President
EAES Academy, E. Leandros, 1406
Welcome from the Technology Committee Chairman
EAES Academy, M. M. Lirici, 1405
Welcome from the EAES President
EAES Academy, Gerhard Buess, 1453
Introduction of the Symposium
EAES Academy, Nicola Di Lorenzo, 1407
O106 - One-Stage Laparoscopic Resection for Complicated Sigmoid Diverticulitis
EAES Academy, M. Zdichavsky, 21762

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